7. Known bugs and limitations

RH 1.5D is always evolving, and there are likely to be bugs and limitations. Please send all bug reports to tiago.pereira-at-astro.uio.no and they will be dealt with as time permits.

7.1. Current issues

  • Check the github RH issues page for an updated list.
  • If the scratch or output directories are not present, the code will crash. The error message is not very clear.
  • In keyword.input, if one sets a SNAPSHOT value to be more than what is in the atmosphere file, the code will stop with an error message: Index exceeds dimension bound. This error should be made more clear.
  • The atom files must not end with a blank line, otherwise gencol will fail and the program stops.
  • Line buffered or full buffered log options still require the user to change the source code.
  • Depth refinement fails in some cases due to problems caused by cubic interpolation artefacts.
  • Using more than 4000 cores and writing full output may cause I/O slowdowns and Lustre contention in some systems.

7.2. Planned features

  • Support for multiple snapshots in the output files.
  • pool mode be more flexible, with the possibility of several overlord nodes, useful for running with more than 4000 processes.
  • More flexible control of what output is written.